What Employer's Don't Want You to Know About Work Related Injuries

Many people do not realize that “work injuries” are a different and special category of injury. 

Injuries that occur while at work may be compensated by two separate means—from workers compensation and from a personal injury lawsuit. These different cases often require two different lawyers—a personal injury lawyer and a worker’s compensation lawyer. 

A worker’s compensation lawyer is often able to get you compensation for your injury no matter who is at fault and regardless of how your injury happened—even if you tripped over your own two feet—as long as it happened at work. 

A personal injury lawyer will need to prove the liability of a third party—usually not your employer—to win you compensation, however the amount of compensation is often higher than in a workers compensation case. 

A work injury can be defined very broadly and can include things such as carpel tunnel syndrome that results from years of repeated tasks or from knee, shoulder or back problems that have developed slowly after months or years of physical labor. These are called occupational disease claims and can be compensated even though they did not occur from a singular traumatic event. 

Immigration status and the form of employment or payment also do not affect your ability to get compensated for any of these injuries. 

Whether or not you think you have a case, you should speak to an attorney with experience in these areas to help you decide what your options are if you are employed and are in any kind of pain. 

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