Notable Cases

$4.5 Million Settlement as Part of a Consent Decree
Participated in gross settlement on behalf of a client stemming from a Department of Justice investigation into disgraced landlord Joseph Centanni who was accused of systematically sexually assaulting tenants and demanding sexual favors in exchange for rent. Client suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the abuses. Settled pursuant to federal consent decree.

$450,000 Recovery
Fifty-five-year-old woman suffered a back injury when the vehicle she was traveling in was struck in the rear while stopped at a light. Client was subsequently reinjured when struck by a vehicle while walking on the side of a road. Client underwent a spinal surgery to repair herniated cervical discs. Three separate insurance policies were tapped to reach a cumulative settlement for a total amount of $450,000.

$650,000 Recovery
Construction worker at a parking garage is run over by an impatient building resident. Client suffered a non-displaced tibia fracture; torn ligament in the shoulder; and herniated discs in the cervical spine. Client underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair the ligament tears and epidural injections to treat the herniated discs. Settled for $650,000 prior to filing a lawsuit.

$450,000 Recovery
Fifty-two-year-old was struck by a vehicle while walking along the shoulder of a road several months after being involved in a minor fender bender. Client suffered a spinal injury and underwent a micro-discectomy procedure. Settlement for the total available insurance policy limit of $250,000 from the insurance of the driver who struck the Client while walking and obtained $200,000 from the insurance company for the driver who rear-ended the Client.

Merovici v. Gabriel Trial Veridict
Won a verdict at trial for defendant who was accused of civil assault and battery of a doctor. Video evidence showed that the plaintiff/doctor was the aggressor and introduced expert testimony from a former FBI agent regarding the defendant’s sympathetic nervous system response that led to the altercation ultimately resulted in the plaintiff/doctor’s injury. After a six-year legal battle and two days of trial, judge ruled in defendant’s favor on all issues.

People v. (Name withheld)
Obtained dismissal of all charges against client accused of damaging the property of a motorist who struck client with a vehicle after calling them a "fucking Latino." Successfully convinced the prosecutor that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the charges.

$260,000 Recovery
Client fell off of a truck that pulled away while he had been loading a refrigerator. Numerous other attorneys rejected the case, labeling it a "no-pay." Client suffered a broken arm. Settled with truck's insurance carrier 24 months later for $260,000.

$250,000 Recovery
A mother slipped on ice in son’s un-shoveled and unsalted driveway following a winter storm resulting in an ankle fracture that required surgery. Homeowners insurance settled for $250,000.

$300,000 Recovery
Client, a fast-food restaurant employee, suffered an amputation injury of her finger tip when a deranged customer slammed a door on her hand while being informed that the restrooms were closed due to coronavirus concerns and restrictions. The customer then hid the severed fingertip preventing reattachment. Finger tip was found several days later when cleaning staff removed the trash bag and found it hidden behind the liner. Case settled pre-trial for the maximum available insurance policy limits of the customer's home owner's insurance policy of $300,000.

$180,000 Recovery
Twenty-year-old fell in the shower when a piece of ceiling fell onto him from a recurrent leak that dead-beat landlord had failed to repair after numerous complaints. Client underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery but did not have any long-term limitations or injury. Settled with insurance for $180,000.

$250,000 Recovery
Client was the driver of a vehicle that was side-swiped by another vehicle that lost control in on a windy road traversing the Palisades. Client suffered a broken arm but did not have any long-term limitations or injury. Settled with insurance for the full available policy limit of $250,000.

$100,000 Recovery
Client was rear-ended at a red light and suffered a herniated disc. Client underwent three rounds of multi-level epidural steroid injections. $100,000 recovery exhausted the at-fault driver’s insurance policy limit. Original insurance offer was a mere $35,000.00.

State v. Lenny Dykstra
Drafted court’s decision as law clerk granting the controversial baseball legend’s motion to suppress evidence seized in connection with a violation of his Fourth Amendment right to be free from unlawful searches and seizures.

State v. Harris
Drafted court’s decision ordering a new trial for the defendant who was convicted of murder almost ten years prior based upon the court’s finding that the defendant was deprived of his Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of his trial counsel. Supreme Court has granted certiorari.

State v. Gigliotti
Drafted court’s decision in a murder trial ordering a hearing pursuant to Frye to determine the admissibility of a new method of ballistics identification. The decision was later upheld on appeal. The appellate division decision was the first known published decision addressing this new technology in the United State.

State v. (Name withheld)
Successfully brought a motion to suppress evidence obtained without a warrant from the defendant’s automobile in violation of the defendant’s Constitutional rights. Conducted cross-examination of the police officer who made the unlawful stop, search and seizure. All charges stemming from the illegally obtained evidence were dismissed.

State v. (Name withheld)
Successfully obtained a dismissal of all charges stemming from a search and seizure that resulted in my client’s arrest for possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). Successfully obtained a dismissal of all charges because of issues with the prosecution’s handling of evidence in the case.