Joshua MIchael Blane, Attorney at law personal injury, criminal defense, civil rights and consumer protection lawyer NYC, NY and NJ

Josh went to Law School in order to pursue his vision of making the world a safer and more just place. Josh believes that it is his responsibility﹣and indeed the responsibility of all lawyers﹣to speak out and fight against injury and injustice wherever and whenever encountered.

This philosophy guides Josh's practice of law. By zealously defending the rights of the accused and jealously guarding the rights of the civilly wronged, Josh continues to advance social justice and public safety interests with every case he takes. Josh believes there are no better vehicles for societal change than civil litigation and outspoken advocacy. Accordingly, Josh is proud to vigorously engage in both. 

Josh is a proud alumnus of the Rutgers Criminal and Youth Justice Clinic where he provided pro bono representation to indigent individuals facing criminal charges in the Essex County Special Remand Court. Josh's representation included successfully arguing a motion to suppress evidence and obtaining dismissals in other criminal matters. Josh also provided legal representation to youth incarcerated in New Jersey’s Juvenile Justice Commission detention facilities where he fought to win his clients greater educational opportunities and increased family visitation. 

Josh is also passionate about protecting the rights and well being of the sick and injured, both inside and out of the courtroom. In that vein, Josh has volunteered his time for over ten years as an Emergency Medical Technician with community based organizations. Josh has also volunteered his time with Volunteer Lawyers for Justice where he assisted individuals facing wage garnishments and other debt collection proceedings that were often the result of predatory lending practices. 

Josh is always seeking opportunities to volunteer and provide pro bono or low-cost representation to those in need and in connection with cases that advance public and social justice interests.