Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Elizabeth and Newark have some of the busiest ports in the entire country. The New Jersey Turnpike is therefore an integral part of the infrastructure that connects these ports to the furthest reaches of the nation’s interior. It should therefore come as no surprise that serious car accidents are a frequent occurrence on the New Jersey Turnpike and other highways that have such heavy truck, tractor trailer and semi traffic. When one of these commercial vehicles is involved in an accident, especially with lighter duty passenger cars, the results can be devastating.

The towns of Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth, Linden, Rahway and Woodbridge have some of the busiest stretches of highway running through them. When truck accidents occur in these towns, it is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with trucking regulations and norms so that they can properly represent you in any claim for injuries. Trucks and other commercial vehicles often carry insurance coverage that differs significantly from that of passenger cars. Because insurance companies might have greater exposure in a truck accident than in a non-commercial vehicle accident, they might fight your claim even harder. It is therefore critical to consult with an attorney as soon as practical after being involved in a truck accident.